New Zealand Student China Study Camp Fudan University Study Week Silhouette




On December 3, New Zealand students arrived at Fudan University in Shanghai for a one-week Chinese study. At Fudan University, students attend classes in the morning. In the afternoon, according to the arrangement of the school, they will visit Shanghai City Museum, Pudong Economic and Trade Zone, Nanjing Road Mall, Shanghai Pearl Tower, Shanghai Bund, Shanghai Circus Performance, and lion dance at Fudan University. Dragon, experience Chinese Kung Fu.













Students who participated in Chinese language learning said that the opportunity to study in China has opened up new ways for them to learn Chinese and stimulated the motivation of learning Chinese. Especially in the shopping malls, students were asked to speak Chinese to find people who are over 60 or under, to talk and take photos with them. They stood on the Oriental Pearl Tower to watch the modern city of Shanghai and the scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River. During the visit to the Yu Garden, New Zealand students experienced the traditional Chinese garden architecture concept, and in the commodity trading market, the New Zealand student experience how to bargain with merchants to buy Chinese-style crafts.











At Fudan University, New Zealand students go to the student canteen every day to eat with the students of Fudan University. After the study tour, the students are required to complete the corresponding Chinese learning tasks according to the activities of the day. Fudan University’s Chinese teacher’s teaching method of teaching and learning and students are deeply impressed by China’s reform and opening up and the tremendous changes brought about by the development of the economy.












On behalf of Steven, the New Zealand Chinese Education Foundation representative Steven, the assistant project manager of Fudan University, presented the souvenir ‘Wanan Pingan buckle’ customized for the event. This is the material selected for burial and preservation in the underground mud of New Zealand’s North Island. The 50,000-year-old legendary Shenmu Ke Ruiyin Shenmu was carefully built by New Zealand Fosters Ltd, a New Zealand forestry company, for the New Zealand Chinese Education Foundation.





New Zealand students After this week of Chinese study, Fudan University also arranged study exams to test the results. After completing the Chinese study exchange at Fudan University in Shanghai, the 20 students continued to travel to Guizhou on December 10 to visit Kaili College and Taijiang Middle School, and 30 students from Taijiang Middle School funded by the New Zealand Chinese Education Foundation. Communicate.







Future prospects


Wang Bin, chairman of the foundation, said that the foundation must live up to its expectations. It must not only do the donation projects for China, but also do more and better. At the same time, new educational donation projects will be added in 2018, such as New Zealand local awards for excellent Chinese language learning KIWI students go to China for cultural exchanges, go to the schools donated by the foundation to interact, set up scholarships in the schools we donate, reward children with academic achievements, or cultural and sports projects, Special contributions to children, etc.