Donation Process

process for donations to chinese student in poverty in 2019

All of our volunteers sincerely thank you for your kindness!

  • Enquiries about students in poverty
  • Choose a student to donate
  • Fill out the “donation form”
  • E-mail the donation form you filled out before June 1, 2019 to
  • Our volunteers will confirm your donation with you as soon as possible. If you choose to make an online transfer donation, please be sure to deposit your funds into the bank account below our foundation before December 1, 2019.


  • After confirming your donation, our volunteers will provide you with a certificate of your donation confirmation.
  • The donation certificate is in duplicate and the donor and the Brighter Future Education Foundation each hold one. The donated students and relevant departments of Guizhou can hold a copy
  • The donor holds a copy of the student’s file. The original is kept by the Foundation.
  • The Foundation is obliged to inform donors about the situation of donated students, and donors have the right to care about the growth of donated students. Information such as student grades, letters to donors, etc. will be uploaded to the Foundation's official website at Once the donor has logged in, they can check it out at any time.
  • If you choose to make an online transfer donation, please deposit your money into the bank account designated by our Foundation. Or you can go to our donation conference to give your love in cash or by cheque. Please remember to use the child's number as the Reference so that we can know which student the money was donated to.

Our Bank account

Bank:ASB Bank 

Account Number:12-3013-0246222-01

Account Name:Brighter Future Education Trust