About us

Our missions

Brighter Future Education Trust was established in April 2006. New Zealand charity government registration number: CC32406. The foundation originated from the New Zealand Chinese Overseas Chinese Association, the Guizhou Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Youth Federation, the Chinese Community Service Center, and the New Zealand Chinese Overseas Chinese Funded by the Chinese Association of Guizhou Province, China. The poverty-stricken primary and middle school students in Guizhou Province donated the “Sun to Tomorrow” donation program. In order to earnestly do a good job in this donation, so that the donation can be truly delivered to the poor students who have been donated, the Preparatory Committee for the “Take the Sun of Tomorrow” event decided to set up a specialized agency to operate. As a result, the Foundation was formally incorporated in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the New Zealand Society Registration. In order to ensure that the Foundation’s work is in line with New Zealand’s legal norms, Wu Yan lawyer, Winston Wang (Wang Wensen) lawyer, and Weishang Zhi (Jesse Nguy) acted as New Zealand’s volunteer legal counsel. The New Zealand Chinese Education Foundation is a non-profit charitable social group where all members are unpaid volunteers. The purpose is to build a platform for Chinese New Zealand Chinese and even the whole society to provide all-round support to China’s poverty through various means such as capital investment, in-kind donation, delivery of teachers, technical training, library (building) construction, and donation of school buildings. Regional education and development of related businesses. We hope that our work can be extended to China as a whole. Guizhou is just one of the provinces; our form is diverse, and “one to one” is just one of them. The strength of the individual is limited, and the strength of a collective is also limited. In 2015, when Xi Jinping inspected the poverty alleviation work in Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province, he proposed a new brand of “precision is precise, emphasis is on precision, success is in precision”. In the 11 years of poverty alleviation in the poverty-stricken areas of the motherland, the Association has always adhered to the principles and practices of precision assistance, so as to help one, become one; help one school, benefit one. We sincerely hope to cooperate with more brothers and sisters associations and groups in various forms to form a synergy and help more people. We especially welcome more friends to join us and become members or volunteers who are like us. Help those who need help. For details, please click on “Become a Member” or “Become a Volunteer” on this website.

Our commitment

We implement strict and standardized management measures to ensure that every good money can be properly used; we pursue the principle of charity and non-profit. It has made the financing of Chinese education a long-term thing for the Chinese community in New Zealand.

Our expectations

We look forward to letting you spread the voice of China through your efforts and our efforts: New Zealand Chinese and overseas Chinese compatriots are good people. We don’t need to pay too much, donate a child, and perhaps change the child’s fate. We believe that helping others is helping ourselves; helping others is a very happy thing. We need your attention, we need your help!

Board member list - Year 2018

  • Chairman: Wang Bin
  • Vice Chairman: Zhou Qiyun, Yang Yufeng
  • Finance Director: Lin Jing
  • Secretary General: Lan Haiyun
  • Supervisor Accounting: Steven Li
  • Directors (in order of surnames): Cai Peihong, Gao Erzhen, Lan Haiyun, Steven Li, Li Kaining, Li Yuming, Lin Jing, Fang Zhu, Tan Houwen, Tan Hui, Wang Bin, Wang Xuebing, Xie Wen, Yang Yifeng, Zhang Xiaoming, Zhang Yi, Zhong Wenxin, Zhou Qiyun
  • Legal Adviser: Jesse Nguy (New Zealand), Gao Erzhen (China)