New Zealand Chinese Education Foundation Scholarship and Book Donation Ceremony



Held in Tieshi Township Primary School, Luxi County, Guizhou Province.

Deep in the mountains of Guizhou, China

There is a duck pond bridge

It has a main span of 800m and is the largest spanned cable-stayed bridge currently built in the world.

At the end of the bridge, it belongs to Tieshi Township, Luxi County, Guizhou Province. It is the place where the donation funded learning love arrived.

The Iron and Stone Miao and Dong Nationality Township is located in the southeast of Luxi County. The area is 86.5 square kilometers.

The whole town is dominated by Miao and Dong, and is known as the “Miaoxiang Village”.

Although the town of Tieshi is located in a remote location, it is relatively poor and backward.

However, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the climate is pleasant, and the people are simple and simple.

Tieshi Township covers an area of 13,280 square meters.

The school building covers an area of 7785 square meters.

675 students in school

16 grades and 32 teachers.

Tieshi Township belongs to remote ethnic minority areas. The schools mainly focus on Miao, Yi, Buyi and Chinese students.

There are more left-behind children and poor students, among which left-behind children account for about one-third of all students, and poor students account for about 45%.

There are 12 children in school

The Students

The playground

It has been raining in the morning and the rain stopped at noon.

The children are cleaning the campus.

I took a photo with them.😶

The donation ceremony officially begins👏👏👏

The leaders attending this event are: Chen Xinlun, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese Federations, Xu Qingyi, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese Federations, Zhang You, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation, Wang Nengbi, Vice Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference Wu Xinxia, Deputy Director of the County Education Bureau

Yang Yunhua Chairman of the Iron and Steel Township People’s Congress

Chairman Chen speaks on behalf of the Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese

Chairman Wang also made a statement on behalf of the leaders of Luxi County.

The donation ceremony was hosted by Director Wu of the Education Bureau.

The donation ceremony was held at 3 pm Beijing time.

In the southern hemisphere on the other side of the globe, it takes more than a dozen hours for the country to fly to New Zealand. It is already night. It is in that distant country that a group of patriotic compatriots have dedicated their love to the children through the Foundation. This love is a beautiful rainbow flying over the ends of the earth.

The New Zealand Chinese Education Foundation has donated a total of 3,470 books to the Tieshi Township Primary School, which is nearly RMB 150,000.

It’s these real help that the kids realize,

In a distant foreign country, New Zealand, a group of loving compatriots are paying attention to them, caring for them and caring for them.

Language has no borders and love is borderless.

As of 2017, the New Zealand China Education Foundation contributes to the number of primary and secondary school students in poverty-stricken areas in Guizhou Province in China on a “one-on-one” basis, with more than 200 students per year and a total of 2,700 person-times.

Since 2009, the Foundation has begun to donate extra-curricular books and donate libraries (libraries) to schools in poverty-stricken areas to provide comprehensive support for the development of education and related businesses in poverty-stricken areas in China. A total of 24 libraries (rooms) were established. As of 2017, the scope of donations includes Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Qinghai and other provinces. The amount of donation is equivalent to several million yuan.

The New Zealand Chinese Education Fund hopes to provide scholarships for children with good academic performance through the implementation of donation activities, to provide more and more useful books for the school’s library, to help more children read more, read books, and for them. Knowledge growth provides favorable conditions.

Student representatives accept book donations

The Foundation donates a scholarship for the primary school students of Tieshi Township for RMB 10,000 per year.

A total of five students won a scholarship

In the spring semester of 2018, Yang Xiao’s 12,608 students in the fourth grade of the county were awarded the seventh place and were awarded the first prize by the school with a prize of 3,000 yuan.

Acceptance speech

In the 11659 student exams, He Jinhua won the 12th place and was awarded the second prize with a prize of 2,000 yuan.

Xie Mengjuan ranked 106th in the Longxi County Year-level Joint Exam. Received a scholarship of 2,000 yuan.

Wang Yaxuan participated in the entrance examination of Luxi County, ranking 111th among more than 10,000 candidates. Received a scholarship of 1,500 yuan.

Si Mengqi participated in the entrance exam of the Luxi County, ranking 140th among more than 10,000 candidates. Received a scholarship of 1,500 yuan.

Acceptance speech

Award-winning students and guests

Student representative speaks

I am grateful to the uncles and aunts of the Foundation for their love for the students.

Twenty years ago, the old alumni who built the school’s main teaching building also returned to their alma mater to participate in the activities for the Tieshi Township Primary School.

The children gave their love to the old alumni

School main building

Returning to his alma mater after 20 years

Love is still continuing

Children’s heart

I have never met, but it is very warm.

Thank you

Welcome to visit our school

We don’t like the book donated.

We will protect the books.。



I wish you a job victory! Healthy body!

The donation ceremony ended successfully

Guests and student representatives took a group photo

After the event, the children of the upper grades happily moved the books to the classroom.

As a volunteer of the Foundation, I am sending a message to the children on behalf of the Foundation: The world outside is very big. Although the area you are in is remote, the fate of each person is uncertain. Knowledge is the wings that fly in the sky. You must Arm yourself with knowledge, have more sensitive thinking, and a smart mind. No one knows what will happen in the future, but you can use your hard work and study to create your own path. On the way to growing up, accompanied by books, I have created a school life that is not rich in material but rich in spirit. Happy learning, using knowledge to change fate. Ten years of planting trees, a hundred years of trees. May every book open a window, let the children fall in love with reading, and fall in love with the feast of this meal! May every love be cherished. The foundation donated not only the property, but also the feelings of fraternity. I hope that you will not only express your gratitude, but also the confidence to rise.

I sincerely hope that the children of Tieshi Township Primary School will study diligently, increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons, and inspire your great ambition to study hard from poverty in your hometown.

Children, when you grow up, you must help others and pass on your love. The love of others makes you feel warm, and your love makes others feel more happy!

I hope that after you grow up, be a person who is useful to the society and use your own practical actions to return the society to your hometown.